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Q: Why is shipping so expensive?

A: We use FedEx exclusively because of their reliability, tracking, and service (our packages arrive on time and intact). Shipping rates are set by FedEx and we have no control over their fees. It is important to note that we only charge what the shipping company charges.


Q: How do I convert ounces to tablespoons or ppm to mg/L?

A: See our conversion chart by clicking here.


Q: What are the date stickers on the products?

A: Those are in fact, bottling (born on) dates.  We at Elemental Research, Inc. believe this is the best way to let our customers know the freshness of our products.





Just for fun:





Your hand is tender and inflamed. You examine it and see it's got a splinter. Which do you do first:


a) Remove the splinter?


b) Take a painkiller?


c) Apply a healing ointment?


If you chose (a), you're right.


Take out the splinter, and you may not even need a painkiller because you've removed the cause of the pain. And you may not need ointment because your body now has a chance to heal itself.




A light comes on in the dash of your car comes on. You see it and see it is the oil light. What do you do:


a) Check the engine?


b) Check the oil?


c) Put tape over the light?


If you chose (a), you’re right.


If you check the oil and fill top off the oil you won’t need to check the whole engine because you have removed the reason for the light coming on. If you put tape over the light you are only masking the problem.




That's the simple idea behind Angstrom Minerals. Unlike drugs, Angstrom Minerals doesn't try to numb your pain or "patch" over it. It stops the cause — your out of balance body systems — so the destruction ends, the problem disappears, and your body can repair themselves naturally.




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